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Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Service Routers

The Cisco 3800 Series extends Cisco Systems’ leadership in multiservice routing with a new family of routers that offers the network the agility, performance, and intelligence needed to meet customers’ rapidly evolving network and business challenges. The Cisco 3800 Series is the flagship platform in a portfolio of next-generation routers that integrate advanced technologies, adaptive services, and secure enterprise communications.

Product IDDescription
CISCO38253825 w/AC PWR, 2GE,1SFP, 2NME, 4HWIC, IP Base, 128F/512D
CISCO38453845 w/AC PWR,2GE,1SFP,4NME,4HWIC, IP Base, 128F/512D
CISCO3825-DC3825 w/DC PWR,2GE,1SFP, 2NME, 4HWIC, IP Base, 128F/512D
CISCO3845-DC3845 w/DC PWR, 2GE,1 SFP, 4 NME, 4HWIC, IP Base, 128F/512D
CISCO3825-AC-IP3825 w/AC+POE,2GE,1SFP, 2NME, 4HWIC, IP Base, 128F/512D
CISCO3845-AC-IP3845 w/AC+POE,2GE,1SFP, 4 NME, 4HWIC, IP Base,128F/512D

Cisco 3800 Series ISRs without VPN Crypto Support

Product IDDescription
C3845-NOVPNc3845 w/AC,128/512,IPBase, NO VPN
C3825-NOVPNCicso 3825 w/AC,128/512,IPBase,No VPN

Cisco 3800 Series Advanced Integration Modules

Product IDDescription
AIM-VPN/SSL-3DES/3DES/AES/SSL VPN Encryption/Compression
AIM-VPN/SSL-3=DES/3DES/AES/SSL VPN Encryption/Compression
CAIM-ATMHigh Performance ATM Advanced Integration Module
AIM-ATM=High Performance ATM Advanced Integration Module
AIM-ATM-1T1/E1ATM T1/E1 Bundle With AIM-ATM And VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1
AIM-ATM-1T1/E1=ATM T1/E1 Bundle, AIM-ATM And VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1
AIM-ATM-4T1/E1ATM T1/E1 IMA Bundle, AIM-ATM And 2 Qty VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1
AIM-ATM-4T1/E1=ATM T1/E1 IMA Bundle, AIM-ATM And 2 Qty VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1
AIM-ATM-8=ATM HW SAR for AAL2/AAL5 8x T1/E1 ATM applications
AIM-IPS-K9Cisco IPS AIM for 1841, 2800 and 3800
AIM-IPS-K9=Cisco IPS AIM for 1841, 2800 and 3800

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