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Fortinet Accessories

Knowledge Computers Inc. is a proud Gold Partner of Fortinet, we carries a full range of New and Refurbished Fortinet AccessoriesNetworks products, All our Fortinet equipment parts are covered by our 6 months no hassle warranty.


Product IDAccessoryFortinet System
SP-FG0060-IBXInner BoxFG50, FG50A, FG60, FW 60, FG100, FG100A
SP-FG0060-FOMFoam SetFG50, FG50A, FG60, FW 60
SP-FG010A-FOMFoam SetFG100, FG100A
SP-FGMIDR-IBXInner BoxFG200, FG200A, FG300, FG300A, FG400, FG 400A,

FG500, FG500A, FG800, FG1000, FM400, FM400A

SP-FGMIDR-OBXOuter BoxFG200, FG200A, FG300, FG300A, FG400, FG 400A,

FG500, FG500A,FG800, FG1000, FM400, FM400A

SP-FGMIDR-FRMFoam SetFG200, FG200A, FG300, FG300A, FG400, FG 400A,

FG500, FG500A,FG800, FG1000, FM400, FM400A

SP-FGLARG-IBXInner BoxFG3000, FG3600, FM3000
SP-FGLARG-OBXOuter BoxFG3000, FG3600, FM3000
SP-FGLARG-FRMFoam SetFG3000, FG3600, FM3000
SP-FG5000-IBXInner BoxFG5001, FS5003
SP-FG5000-OBXOuter BoxFG5001, FS5003
SP-FG5000-FRMFoam SetFG5001, FS5003
SP-5020-IBXInner BoxFG5020
SP-5020-OBXOuter BoxFG5020
SP-5020-FRMFoam SetFG5020
SP-5050-IBXInner BoxFG5050
SP-5050-OBXOuter BoxFG5050
SP-5050-FRMFoam SetFG5050
SP-5140-IBXInner BoxFG5140
SP-5140-OBXOuter BoxFG5140
SP-5140-FRMFoam SetFG5140
SP-FL0100-OBXOuter BoxFL100
SP-FL0100-FRMFoam SetFL100
SP-FL0400-OBXOuter BoxFL400
SP-FL0400-FRMFoam SetFL400
SP-FL0800-OBXOuter BoxFL800
SP-FL0800-FRMFoam SetFL800

Power Cords

Product IDAccessoryFortinet System
SP-FG060-PDCDC AdaptorFG50, FG50A, FG60, FW 60, FG100, FG100A
SP-FGPCOR-USPower cord, USAll Items
SP-FGPCOR-UKPower cord, UKAll Items
SP-FGPCOR-EUPower cord, EUAll Items
SP-FGPCOR-AUPower cord, AUAll Items

Cable Sets

Product IDAccessoryFortinet System
SP-CABLE-DB9Console Cable (DB9)FG50, FG50A, FG60, FW 60, FG100, FG100A, FG200, FG300,

FG400,FG500, FG800, FG1000

SP-CABLE-R45Console Cable (RJ45)FG200A, FG300A, FG400A, FG500A, FM400, FG3000, FG3600,


SP-CABLE-CRSCross overAll (except FL100, FL400 & FL800)
SP-CABLE-STRStraight throughAll (except FL100, FL400 & FL800)

Mounting Ear Brackets

Product IDAccessoryFortinet System
SP-EAR-FG200Ear BrackketFG200
SP-EAR-FG300Ear BrackketFG300, FG400,FG500
SP-EAR-FG800Ear BrackketFG800
SP-EAR-FG3000Ear BrackketFG3000, FG3600
SP-EAR-FG1000Ear BrackketFG1000
SP-EAR-FG200AEar BrackketFG200A, FG300A, FG400A, FG500A, FM400A, FE400

Power Supply

Product IDAccessoryFortinet System
SP-FG1000A-PSPower SupplyFG1000A
SP-FG3000-PSPower SupplyFG3000, FG3600, FM3000
SP-FG3600A-PSPower SupplyFG3600A

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