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HP 7000dl Series

With a standard 1-Year warranty on all used HP products, there is no risk when purchasing form knowledge computers. We have certified technicians on staff in all locations to ensure all used HP products is 100% tested before it leaves our lab.

ProCurve Secure Router 7000dl Series
J8752AProCurve Secure Router 7102dl
J8753AProCurve Secure Router 7203dl
Procurve Secure Router 7000dl Series Modules
J8451AProcurve Secure Router dl 1xT1 Moduele
J8452AProCurve Secure Router dl 1xT1 + DSX-1 Module
J8453AProCurve Secure Router dl 2xT1 Module
J8454AProCurve Secure Router dl 1xE1 Module
J8455APorCurve Secure Router dl 1xE1 + G.703 Module
J8456AProCurve Secure Router dl 2xE1 Module
J8759AProCurve Secure Router dl 1-Port ADSL2 + Annex B Module
J8459AProCurve Secure Router dl 1-Port ADSL2 + Annex A Module
J8458AProCurve Secure Router dl 1-Port Serial Module
J9010AProCurve Secure Router dl 2-Port ISDN BRI U Module
J8457AProCurve Secure Router dl 2-Port USDN BRI S/T Module
dl wide modules
J8713AProCurve Switch zl 1500W Power Supply
J8463AProCurve Secure Router dl Wide 8xT1/E1 Module
J9011AProCurve Secure Router dl Wide 8xSerial Module
J9052AProCurve Redundant Wireless Services zl Module
dl backup modules
J8462AProCurve Secure Router dl Analog Modem Backup Module
J8461AProCurve Secure Router dl 1-Port ISDN BRI S/T Bckup Module
J8460AProCurve Secure Router dl 1-Port ISDN BRI U Backup Module
7000dl Series Cables
J8757AProCurve Secure Router Serial Cable V.35 DTE
J8755AProCurve Secure Router Serial Cable X.21 DTE
VPN encryption modules
J8471AProCurve Secure Router 7100/7200 IPSec VPN module
J9026AProCurve Secure Router 7100/7200 IPSec VPN Base Module