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ProCurve Edge Devices – WAN

With a standard 1-Year warranty on all used HP products, there is no risk when purchasing form knowledge computers. We have certified technicians on staff in all locations to ensure all used HP products is 100% tested before it leaves our lab.

ProCurve Wireless Edge Services Modules
J9051AProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module
J9052AProCurve Redundant Wireless Services zl Module
J9001AProCurve Wireless Edge Services xl Modules
J9003AProCurve Redundant Wireless Services xl Module
ProCurve Radio Ports
J9004AProCurve Radio Port 210
J9006AProCurve Radio Port 230
ProCurve Secure Access
J8162AProCurve Switch xl Access Controller Module
ProCurve Access Points
J8987AProCurve Access Point 530 WW
J8131BProCurve Wireless Access Point 420 WW
ProCurve External Access Point Antennas
J9000AProCurve 14 dBi 5 GHz Directional Antenna
J8441AProCurve 5 dBi Indoor/Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna
J844AProCurve 8 dBi Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna