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Cisco Router 2800 Series

The Cisco 2800 Series comprises four platforms: the Cisco 2801, the Cisco 2811, the Cisco 2821, and the Cisco 2851. Providing significant additional value compared to prior generations of Cisco routers at similar price points, the Cisco 2800 Series offers up to a five-fold performance improvement, up to a ten-fold increase in security and voice performance, embedded service options, dramatically increased slot performance and density while maintaining support for most of the more than 90 existing modules that are available today for the Cisco 1700, Cisco 2600, and Cisco 3700 Series.

We carry the full range of used Cisco 2800 Series Routers, providing the highest levels of speed and availability. Enquire today about our active Cisco trade-in program to ensure that you get maximum value for your old technology and join us in our effort to go green!

Product ID Description
CISCO 2801 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS 128D/64F
CISCO 2801-AC-IP 2FE,4slots (2HWICs),2AIMS with Inline Power 128D/64F
CISCO 2801-HSEC/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS Security Bundle with AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS 256D/64F
CISCO 2801-SEC/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS Advanced Security 256D/64F
CISCO 2801-CCME/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS with PVDM2-8,FL-CCME-24 256D/64F
CISCO 2801-SRST/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS with PVDM2-8,FL-SRST-24 256D/64F
CISCO 2801-V/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS with PVDM2-8 256D/64F
CISCO 2801-V3PN/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS with AIM-VPN,PVDM2-8,FL-CCME-24 256D/64F
C2801-SHDSL-V3/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS WIC-SHDSL-V3 196D/64F
CISCO 2801-ADSL/K9 2FE,4slots(2HWICs),2AIMS WIC-1ADSL 196D/64F
CISCO 2811 2FE,4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,2AIMS 256D/64F
CISCO 2811-DC 2FE,4 HWIC & 2 PVDM Slots, 1 NME 2 AIM Slots DC Power Supply 256D/64F
Cisco 2811-AC-IP 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,with Inline Power 256D/64F
Cisco 2811-HSEC/K9 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,Security Bundle with AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS 256D/64F
CISCO 2811-SEC/K9 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,Advanced Security 256D/64F
CISCO 2811-CCME/K9 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,with PVDM2-16,FL-CCME-36 256D/64F
CISCO 2811-SRST/K9 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,with PVDM2-16,FL-SRST-36 256D/64F
CISCO 2811-V/K9 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,with PVDM2-16 256D/64F
CISCO 2811-V3PN/K9 2FE, 4HWICs,2PVDMs,1NME,with AIM-VPN,PVDM2-16,FL-CCME-36 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-DC 2GE,4 HWIC & 3 PVDM Slots, 1 NME 2 AIM Slots DC Power Supply 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-AC-IP 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,with Inline Power 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-HSEC/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,Sec Bundle with AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-SEC/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,Advanced Security 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-CCME/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,with PVDM2-32,FL-CCME-48 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-SRST/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,with PVDM2-32,FL-SRST-48 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-V/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,with PVDM2-32 256D/64F
CISCO 2821-V3PN/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-X,with AIM-VPN,PVDM2-32,FL-CCME-48 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-DC 2GE,4 HWIC & 3 PVDM Slots, 1 NME 2 AIM Slots DC Power Supply 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-AC-IP 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,with Inline Power 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-HSEC/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,Sec Bundle with AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-SEC/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,Advanced Security 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-CCME/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,with PVDM2-32,FL-CCME-48 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-SRST/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,with PVDM2-32,FL-SRST-48 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-V/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,with PVDM2-32 256D/64F
CISCO 2851-V3PN/K9 2GE, 4HWICs,3 PVDMs,1NME-XD,with AIM-VPN,PVDM2-32,FL-CCME-48 256D/64F
PWR-2821-51-AC Cisco2821 & Cisco2851 AC Power Supply
PWR-2821-51-AC-IP Cisco2821 & Cisco2851 AC Power Supply with Inline Power POE
PWR-2821-51-DC Cisco2821 & Cisco2851 AC Power Supply
PWR-2801-AC-IP Cisco2801 AC Power Supply with Inline Power POE
PWR-2801-AC Cisco2801 AC Power Supply
PWR-2811-AC-IP Cisco2811 AC Power Supply with Inline Power POE
PWR-2811-AC Cisco2811 AC Power Supply
PWR-2811-DC Cisco2811 DC Power Supply

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