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HP ML370 G6

HP ProLiant ML370 G6 servers feature an expandable 4U tower chassis or rackmount form factor, depending on the needs of your organization. An example of the expandability of the HP ML370 G6 is memory, which can scale to a maximum capacity of 192GB DDR3 RDIMM or 48GB DDR3 UDIMM memory.

Product ID Description
487791-001 HP ProLiant ML370 G6 QC E5540 2.53GHz-8MB/5.86GT/s 6GB Server
487795-001 HP ProLiant ML370 G6 QC E5520 2.26GHz-8MB/5.86GT/s 8GB Server
625589-001 HP ProLiant ML370 G6 6C E5649 2.53GHz-12MB/5.86GT/s 6GB Server
625591-001 HP ProLiant ML370 G6 QC E5620 2.40GHz-12MB/5.86GT/s 4GB Server