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HP BL490c G7

HP ProLiant BL490c G7 servers offer enterprise-class datacenters incredible density as well as the perfect server platform for hosting virtual machines (VMs). Some of the many features and technologies that make HP BL490c G7 blade servers ideal for virtualization applications include hardware-assisted Intel Virtualization technology (Intel VT) through the up to 2 Intel Xeon 5600 or 5500 series processors, as well as optional HP ProLiant iVirtualization and two embedded dual-port Virtual Connect Flex-10 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) multi-function service adapters.

The HP ProLiant ML line of servers is an ideal fit for small to midsize businesses looking for a powerful, expandable tower server.

Product ID Description
603599-B21 HP ProLiant BL490c G7 6C X5670 2.93GHz-12MB/6.4 GT/s 12GB Blade Server
603602-B21 HP ProLiant BL490c G7 6C X5650 2.66GHz-12MB/6.4 GT/s 6GB Blade Server
603605-B21 HP ProLiant BL490c G7 QC L5630 2.13GHz-12MB/5.86 GT/s LV12GB Blade Server
637392-B21 HP ProLiant BL490c G7 6C X5675 3.06GHz-12MB/6.4 GT/s 12GB Blade Server
637615-B21 HP ProLiant BL490c G7 6C E5649 2.53GHz-12MB/5.86 GT/s 6GB Blade Server