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Used Juniper SSG20 Routers

SSG20 is a purpose-built, modular security platform that delivers 160 Mbps of stateful firewall traffic and 40 Mbps of IPsec VPN throughput for small branch, teleworker, and enterprise deployments, Knowledge Computers carries a full range of new and refurbished Juniper SSG Routers products including enterprise routers such as the SSG20, SSG20, SSG320M.

Product ID Description
SSG-20-SB SSG20 with 128 MB Memory, 2 port Mini-PIM slots
SSG-20-SB-W-xx SSG20 with 128 MB Memory, 2 port Mini-PIM slots, 802.11a/b/g Wireless
SSG-20-SH SSG20 with 256 MB Memory, 2 port Mini-PIM slots
SSG-20-SH-W-xx SSG20 with 256 MB Memory, 2 port Mini-PIM slots, 802.11a/b/g Wireless

SSG20 I/O Options

Product ID Description
JXM-1SERIAL-S 1 port Serial Mini Physical Interface Module
JJXM-1SFP-S 1 port SFP Mini Physical Interface Module
JXM-1T1-S 1 port T1 Mini Physical Interface Module
JXM-1E1-S 1 port E1 Mini Physical Interface Module
JXM-1ADSL2-A-S 1 port ADSL2+ Annex A Mini Physical Interface Module
JXM-1ADSL2-B-S 1 port ADSL2+ Annex B Mini Physical Interface Module
JXM-1V92-S 1 port v.92 Mini Physical Interface Module
JXM-1BRI-ST-S 1 port ISDN S/T BRI Mini Physical Interface Module
JX-SFP-1GE-LX Small Form Factor Pluggable 1000Base-LX Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transceiver Module
JX-SFP-1GE-SX Small Form Factor Pluggable 1000Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transceiver Module
JX-SFP-1GE-T Small Form Factor Pluggable 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Copper Transceiver Module
JX-SFP-1FE-FX Small Form Factor Pluggable 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet Optical Transceiver Module

SSG20 Accessories and Upgrades

Product ID Description
SSG-5-ELU Extended License Upgrade Key for SSG5
SSG-20-ELU Extended License Upgrade Key for SSG20
SSG-5-20-MEM-256 SSG5 and SSG20 256 MB Memory Upgrade Module
SSG-20-RMK SSG20 Rack Mount Kit
SSG-ANT SSG Wireless Replacement Antenna
SSG-ANT-DIR SSG5 and SSG20 Dual Band Directional Antenna
SSG-ANT-OMNI SSG5 and SSG20 Dual Band Omni-Directional Antenna
SSG-CBL-ANT-10M 10 meters (30 feet) Low Loss Cable for SSG-ANT-XXX

Unified Threat Management/Content Security (High Memory Option Required)

Product ID Description
NS-K-AVS-SSG20 Antivirus (incl. Anti-spyware, Anti-phishing)
NS-DI-ISG-SSG20 IPS (Deep Inspection)
NS-WF-SSG20 Web Filtering
NS-SPAM-SSG20 Anti-spam
NS-RBO-CS-SSG20 Remote Office Bundle (Includes AV, DI, WF)
NS-SMB-CS-SSG20 Main Office Bundle (Includes AV, DI, WF, AS)

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