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ProCurve Core Switches

With a standard 1-Year warranty on all used HP products, there is no risk when purchasing form knowledge computers. We have certified technicians on staff in all locations to ensure all used HP products is 100% tested before it leaves our lab.

ProCurve Switch 8212zl
J8715AProCurve Switch 8212zl
Procurve Switch 8212zl Accessories
J9092AProCurve Switch 8200zl Management Modules
J9093AProCurve Switch 8200zl Fabric Module
J9095AProCurve Switch 8200zl Systme Support Module
J9091AProCurve Switch 8212zl Chassis/Fan Tray
J9094AProCurve Switch 8212zl Fan Tray
ProCurve Switch zl Accessories
J8702AProCurve Switch zl 24-Port 10/100/1000 Poe Module
J8705AProCurve Switch zl 20-Port 10/100/1000 + 4-Poart Mini-GBIC Module
J8706AProCurve Switch zl 24-Port Mini-GBIC Module
J8707AProCurve Switch zl 4-Port 10-GbE X2 Module
J8708AProCurve Switch zl 4-Port 10-GbE CX4 Module
J8712AProCurve Switch zl 875W Power Supply
J8713AProCurve Switch zl 1500W Power Supply
J8714AProCurve Switch zl Power Supply Shelf
J9051AProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module
J9052AProCurve Redundant Wireless Services zl Module
ProCurve Switch 8100fl Series
J8728AProCurve Switch 8116fl
J8727AProCurve Switch 8108fl
Procurve Switch 8100fl Series Modules
J8729AProCurve 8108fl Redundant Switch Fabric Module
J8730AProCurve 8116fl Redundant Switch Fabric Module
J8731AProCurve Switch fl Redundant Management Module
J8734AProCurve Switch fl 10-Port 100/1000-T Interface Module
J8735AProCurve Switch fl 10-Port Mini-GBIC Interface Module
J8737AProCurve Switch fl 2-Port 10-GbE x2 Interface Module
J8732AProCurve Switch fl Redundant Power Supply
ProCurve Switch Aggregators
ProCurve Switch 6400cl Series – 10-GbE switches
J8433AProCurve Switch 6400cl
J8474AProCurve Switch 6410cl
ProCurve Switch 6200yl-24G-mGBIC – Gigabit switch
J8992AProCurve Switch 3200yl-24G-mGBIC
ProCurve Switch 6108 – 10/100/1000 switch
J4902AProCurve Switch 6108