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Cisco MGX 8800

The MGX 8250/8230 operates as an ATM switch. Traffic shaping and policing are integral parts of the configuration. The shaping and policing choices made in these examples may or may not be suitable for use in a production network.

BPX Cabinets

Product ID Description
MGX-8850-APS-CON= APS connector for PXM1E, SRME and AXSM product family
MGX8880-SW-5200 MGX 8880 Release 5.2.00 Software
RPM-1-TO-N-8X50 RPM 1 to N red license
RPM-1-TO-N-8X50= RPM 1 to N red license
MGX8880-SW-5210 MGX 8880 Syst Software License- Release (Version 5.2.10)

MGX 8800 WAN Edge Switch

Product ID Description
MGX8830 MGX 8830 chassis back plane and fan tray
MGX8830/B MGX 8830 Model B chassis back plane and fan tray
MGX8850 MGX 8850, 24 I/O+4 SRM slots, PXM Controller, Cooling, 19
MGX8850-ST1 MGX8850 in a STRATM cabinet
MGX8850/B MGX 8850 Model B chassis back plane and fan tray
MGX8850/B-CH= MGX8850 model B chassis spare
MGX8830/B-AC MGX8830/B 1200W 1U Power Supply, cable and tray
MGX8830/B-AC-R MGX8830/B Redundant 1200W 1U Power Supply, cables and tray
MGX8830/B-DC MGX8830/B DC Power Supply
MGX8830/B-DC-R MGX8830/B Redundant DC Power Supply
MGX8830/B-DOOR MGX8830/B Door
MGX8830/B-AF MGX8830/B Air Filter for MGX8830/B Door
MGX8830/B-CH= MGX8830/B chassis, back plan and fan tray
MGX8830/B-AC= MGX8830/B 1200W 1U Power Supply
MGX8830/B-DC= MGX8830/B DC Power Supply
MGX8830/B-AF= MGX8830/B Air Filter for MGX8830/B Door
MGX-BP-CVR/E= MGX back card slot cover

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