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Cisco MDS 9000 Family

The Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer SAN Switches can help lower the total cost of ownership of the most demanding storage environments. By combining a robust and flexible hardware architecture with multiple layers of network and storage-management intelligence, the Cisco MDS 9000 Series helps you build highly available, scalable storage networks with advanced security and unified management.

Cisco IE 3000 IP Services IOS Crypto Image

Product ID Description
DS-CAB-15M= 15m cable for 10G Base CX4
DS-CAB-1M= 1M Cable for copper connectin
DS-CWDM4G1470= 1470NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1490= 1490NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1510= 1510NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1530= 1530NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1550= 1550NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1570= 1570NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1590= 1590NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-CWDM4G1610= 1610NM CWDM 4-Gbps FC SFP
DS-X2-E10G-SR= 10 Gbps Ethernet-SR X2 (For DS-X9704)
DS-X2-FC10G-CX4= 10G FC Copper

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