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Cisco Router BPX 8600

The Cisco BPX 8600 Series Multiservice switches provide a scalable set of solutions to cost-effectively deliver ATM, Frame Relay, voice, circuit emulation and IP services in medium sized PoPs or small COs.

BPX Cabinets

Product IDDescription
STRATM-CAB=STRATM – Unconfigured Cabinet
STRATM-CMGMT=STRATM – Cable Management Option
STRATM-SPSTRATM – Kit of Four Side Panels
STRATM-SP=STRATM – Kit of Four Side Panels
STRATM-SP-STSTRATM – Kit of Four Side Panels
STRATM-STAB=STRATM – Stability Plate Option

BPX Controller Cards

Product IDDescription
BPX-BCC-SW-9351BCC System Software level 9.3.51
BPX-BCC-SW-9347BCC System Software level 9.3.47

BPX Broadband Switch Modules

Product IDDescription
BPX-SMF-155-8-BC=8-p, OC3/STM-1 Single-Mode Fiber Back Card (up to 20km)
BPX-BXM-155-4DX=Enhanced BXM-155-4 with 64K cons, 256k/256k cell buff
BPX-BXM-155-8DX=Enhanced BXM-155-8 with 64K cons, 1 Mill cell buff
BPX-SMF-155-4-BC=4-p, OC3/STM-1 Single-Mode Fiber Back Card (up to 20km)
BPX-BXM-T3-12EX=Enhanced BXM-T3-12 with 64K cons, 1 Mill cell buff

BPX Power Cords

Product IDDescription
PWRCD-ANZ=Power Cord with AS 3112 plug (Australia and New Zealand)
PWRCD-EU=Power Cord with CEE 7/7 plug (Continental Europe)
PWRCD-GBI=Power Cord with BS 1363 plug (Great Britain and Ireland)
PWRCD-IT=Power Cord with CEI 23-16/VII plug (Italy)
PWRCD-NA=Power Cord with NEMA L6-20 Twistlock plug (North America and)

BPX Cables

Product IDDescription
AD-FC=FC-FC Adaptor
AD-SC=SC-SC Adaptor
CAB-MM-SM-SCFC=10 feet MMF-SMF Cable (FC and SC term, 10 dB Atten.)
CAB-SMF-FC-25=25ft Single Mode Fiber Cable (FC term.)
CAB-MM-SMLR-SCFC=MMF-SMF Long Reach Cable (FC and SC term, 15 dB Atten.)
CAB-SMF-FC-50=50ft Single Mode Fiber Cable (FC term.)
CAB-SMF-FC-75=75ft Single Mode Fiber Cable (FC term.)
AT-10DB-SC=10dB Fixed Attenuator (SC term.)
AT-15DB-SC=15dB Fixed Attenuator (SC term.)
CAB-SMF-Y-FC=Single Mode Fiber Y Cable (FC Term)
CAB-SMF-Y-SCSingle Mode Fiber Y Cable (SC Term)
CAB-SMF-Y-SC=Single Mode Fiber Y Cable (SC Term)

BPX Options and Accessories

Product IDDescription
FUSEKIT=Backplane Fuse and Tool Replacement Kit

BPX Software License Upgrades

Product IDDescription
BPX-SR-9247=System SW Sub-Rel Upgrade from any 9.2.x to 9.2.47
BPX-SR-9412=System SW Sub-Rel Upgrade from any 9.3.x to 9.3.51

Cisco BPX 8600 Series Documentation

Product IDDescription
BPXDOC9412=Documentation set for BPX SW 9.3.51
BPXDOC9247=Documentation set for BPX SW 9.2.47

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