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Used Cisco Switches 1900 Series

Cisco Catalyst 1900 is a 19″ rack mountable, managed 10baseT Ethernet switch with 100baseTX/100baseFX uplink ports. This product was popular in small office networks because of its features and price, The switch was available in 12-port and 24-port models with either two 100baseTX uplink ports or one fibre and one copper 100 Mbit/s uplink ports. In addition to this, one AUI port was available on the rear panel for connecting to fiber or legacy 10Base2 or 10Base5 networks.

Product ID Description
Cisco WS-C1912-EN 12-10mb Port 2-100mb Port Enterprise Edition Switch
Cisco WS-C1924-EN 24-10mb Port 2-100mb Port Enterprise Edition Switch
Cisco WS-C1912-A 12-10mb Port 2-100mb Ports
Cisco WS-C1924-A 24-10mb Port 2-100mb Ports
Cisco WS-C1912C-EN 12-10mb Port 1-100mb FX Port 1-100mb TX Port
Cisco WS-C1924C-EN 24-10mb Port 1-100mb FX Port 1-100mb TX Port
Cisco WS-C1924F-EN 24-10mb Port 2-100mb FX Ports Enterprise Edition
Cisco WS-C1924F-A 24-10mb Port 2-100mb FX Ports

Knowledge Computers carries the full range of used Cisco 1900 Series products such as WS-C1924-EN and WS-C1912C-EN, providing the highest levels of speed and availability, Ask today about our hourly rental of our custom CCIE rack for the complete cisco certification experience. Inquire as to how you can get your equipment to begin training today and start saving without the hassles of owining.

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