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Cisco IPS & IDS Security

Cisco Intrusion Prevention System protects against increasingly sophisticated attacks, and as an essential part of the Cisco Secure Borderless Network, Cisco IPS is one of the most widely deployed intrusion prevention systems.

Product ID Description
Cisco IPS-4255-K9 IPS 4255 Appliance Sensor
Cisco IPS-4240-K9 IPS 4240 Appliance Sensor
Cisco IPS-SW-K9-U Upgrade CD for Cisco IPS Sensor SW
Cisco IPS-SW-5.0 IPS 5.0 Software for IDS 4215
Cisco IPS-SW-4.1 IPS 4.1 Sensor Software for IPS 4240/4255 Appliance
Cisco IPS-4240-DC-K9 IPS 4240 Appliance Sensor w/ DC Pwr
Cisco IDS-4215-K9 Cisco IDS 4215 Sensor
Cisco IDS-4215-4FE-K9 IDS 4215 Sensor
Cisco IDS-4FE-INT 4 FE
Cisco IDS-4230 Cisco IDS-4230 IDS Sensor
Cisco IDS-4210 Cisco IDS-4210 IDS Sensor
Cisco IDS-4250-SX-K9 4250 Sensor (chassis)
Cisco IDS-4250-SX-INT 1000BaseSX Monitoring Interface w/ SC connector
Cisco IDS-4250-XL-K9 IDS 4250 chassis

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