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Cisco Router 800 Series Memory

Cisco 800 Series of Secure Routers are ideal for providing secure Internet and corporate network connectivity to small remote offices and teleworkers. The Cisco 800 Series of Secure Routers provide a wide range of rich integrated security services, advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features for high quality voice, video and data applications, and easy deployment and remote management features with Cisco IOS software.

Product ID Description
MEM870-128D= Cisco 870 Series128MB DRAM Spare
MEM870-128U192D Cisco 870 Series 128 to 192MB SDRAM factory upgrade
MEM870-128U256D Cisco 870 Series 128MB to 256MB DRAM upgrade
MEM870-16F= Cisco 870 Series 16MB Flash spare
MEM870-24U28F Cisco 870 Series 24MB to 28MB flash upgrade
MEM870-24U36F Cisco 870 Series 24MB to 36MB flash upgrade
MEM870-24U52F Cisco 870 Series 24MB to 52MB flash upgrade
MEM870-28U36F Cisco 870 Series 28MB to 36MB flash upgrade
MEM870-28U52F Cisco 870 Series 28MB to 52MB flash upgrade
MEM870-32F= Cisco 870 Series 32MB Flash spare
MEM870-4F= Cisco 870 Series 4MB Flash spare
MEM870-64D= Cisco 870 Series 64MB SDRAM Spare
MEM870-8F= Cisco 870 Series 8MB Flash spare

Cisco 880 Series Memory

Product ID Description
MEM8XX-256U512D DRAM Upgrade 256 MB to 512 MB
MEM8XX-256U512D= DRAM Upgrade 256 MB to 512 MB
MEM8XX-256U768D DRAM Upgrade 256 MB to 768 MB
MEM8XX-256U768D= DRAM Upgrade 256 MB to 768 MB
MEM8XX-512U768D= DRAM Upgrade 512 MB to 768 MB

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