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Cisco 850 Series Routers

The Cisco 850 Series of secure broadband and wireless routers is part of the Cisco Integrated Services Router portfolio. Designed for small offices, the routers provide secure WAN connectivity with optional integrated 802.11b/g WLANs in a single device.

Product ID Description
CISCO851-K9 Ethernet SOHO Security Router
CISCO851W-G-A-K9 Duel E Security Router 802.11g FCC compliance
CISCO851W-G-E-K9 Dual E Security Router with 802.11g ETSI Compliant
CISCO851W-G-J-K9 Dual E Security Router with 802.11g Japan Compliant
CISCO857-K9 ADSL SOHO Security Router
CISCO857W-G-A-K9 ADSL SOHO Router with 802.11g FCC Compliant
CISCO857W-G-E-K9 ADSL SOHO Security Router with 802.11g
CISCO857W-G-J-K9 ADSL SOHO Router with 802.11g Japan Compliant

Cisco 850 Series integrated services routers are fixed-configuration routers that support broadband cable and Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) over analog telephone lines connections in small offices. They provide the performance needed to run concurrent services, including firewall and encryption for VPNs and optional 802.11b/g for wireless networking.

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