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Cisco Router 7000 Series

We carries the full range of used Cisco 7000 Series Routers products such as Cisco 7513 and Cisco 7507, providing the highest levels of speed and availability. Our inventory includes the best in network-to-network connectivity, spanning Cisco’s 1700, 2600, 3600, 3700, 3800, 7000 and Cisco GSR 12000 Series Routers, the ultimate Cisco Routers availab

Product ID Description
Cisco 7000 7 Slot Chasis With Route Processor & Switch Processor
Cisco 7513 13 Slot Chasis With AC Power Supply
Cisco 7507 7 Slot Chasis With AC Power Supply
Cisco PWR-7513-Ac Cisco 7513 AC Power Supply

For optimal user-level LAN access, extending the life of network infrastructure, or expansion of a campus area network, our Cisco Router selection caters to your business or organization’s specialized needs.

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