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Cisco PGW 2200

The Cisco PGW 2200 is a carrier-class call agent that performs the signaling and call-control tasks (such as digit analysis, routing, circuit selection, and more) within the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) gateway infrastructure.

Used Switches

Product ID Description
PGW2200-FFX Uninstalled PGW 2200 Softswitch System Components
SFB22-CC-9.7.3 PGW 2200 Application License and Software 9.7(3) on CD
SWP22-CCX-RTU PGW 2200 Call Control Mode RTU License, 1k Ports (DS0s)
SWP22-SX-RTU PGW 2200 Signaling Mode TDM RTU License, 1k Ports (DS0s)
SFB22-CC-9.8.1 PGW 2200 Application License and Software 9.8(1) on CD
SWP22-DB1-RTU PGW 2200 DataBase: 1 Mil Entry RTU
SWP22-DB10-RTU PGW 2200 Database 10 Mil Entry RTU
L-SWP22-CC-250-RTU PGW2200 TDM RTU License, 250 Ports
SWP22-CC-250-RTU PGW2200 TDM RTU License, 250 Ports
PGW2200-NODE-1 PGW2200, Non-redundant Node, pre-loaded Application S/W
PGW2200-NODE-2 PGW2200, Redundant Node Pre-loaded Application Software
L-PGW2200-FFX E-Ship, PGW2200, Feature Licenses
L-SFB22-IP-IP E-Ship, PGW2200, License, CC, IP-IP Interface
L-SFB22-INAPX E-Ship, PGW2200, License, CC, INAP Interface
L-SFB22-PBX E-Ship, PGW2200, License, CC, PBX Interface
L-SFB22-LI E-Ship, PGW2200,License, CC, LI Interface
L-SFB22-SIP-I E-Ship, PGW2200, License,CC, SIP-I Interface
L-SWP22-SX-RTU E-ship, PGW2200, License, SM, TDM, 1K Ports
L-SWP22-H323-RTU E-Ship, PGW2200, License, CC, H323, 2K Call Legs
L-SWP22-CCX-RTU E-Ship, PGW2200 License, CC, TDM, 1K Ports
L-SWP22-SIP-RTU E-ship, PGW2200, License, CC, 2K Call Legs

HSI – Cisco H323 Signaling Interface for PGW2200

Product ID Description
PGW2200-HSI PGW22-H.323 SW Package with Licenses only
SFBHSI-4.3 HSI Application Software and License for HSI Rel 4.3
SWP22-H323-RTU PGW 2200 H.323 Per Call leg Run Time License, 2k Call Legs

PGW 2200 – Interface Options

Product ID Description
SWP22-SIP-RTU PGW 2200 SIP Per Call leg Run Time License, 2k Call Legs
SFB22-PBX PGW 2200 PBX Interface (DPNSS/QSIG) Right-to-Use License
SFB22-LI PGW 2200 Legal Intercept Interface Right-to-Use License
SFB22-INAPX PGW 2200 INAP Interface Right-to-Use License
SFB22-IP-IP PGW 2200 IP-IP GW Interface Right-To-Use License
SFB22-SIP-I PGW 2200 SIP-I Interface License

BAMS – for PGW 2200

Product ID Description
PGW2200-BAMS PGW2200 BAMS System
SFBBA-3.3 BAMS Application SW V 3.30 on CD
MGC-BAMS-RTU BAMS Right to Use License – sold in 2k Call Leg blocks
L-PGW2200-BAMS PGW 2200 Billing and Measurement System

PGW Hardware

Product ID Description
MGC-X42K-AC216-1 Netra X4200 Server (Dual AC PSU), 2 CPU, 16 GB RAM
MGC-X42K-AC216-2 Dual Netra X4200 Server (Dual AC PSU), 2 CPU, 16 GB RAM

Cisco PGW 2200 supports multiple roles in NGNs. With its flexible database tables, powerful routing control commands, and range of extensive attributes against trunk groups, it can be used as a flexible component in many networks

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