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Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Chassis

The Cisco Nexus 2000 series are fabric extenders: ‘top of rack’ 1U high system that can be used in combination with higher end Nexus switches like the 5000 or 7000 series. The 2000 series consists of four different models. Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders are designed to provide connectivity for rack and blade servers, as well as converged fabric deployments.

Product ID Description
N5548P-4N2248TF Nexus 5548P/4xN2248TP/32xFET
N5548P-4N2248TP Nexus 5548P/4xN2248TP
N5548P-4N2248TR Nexus 5548P/4xN2248TP/20xSFP-10G-SR
N5548PM-4N2232PF Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5548PM-6N2248TF Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548PM-6N2248TP Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP
N5548PM-6N2248TR Nexus 5548P/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N2K-C2248TF-BUN2 Nexus 2248TF for N5K/N2K Bundle
N5548UP-4N2248TP Nexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP
N5548UP-4N2248TF Nexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/32xFET
N5548UPM-6N2248TF Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548UPM-6N2248TP Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP
N5596UPM-8N2248TP Nexus 5596UP/8xN2248TP/Expansion Module
N5596UPM-8N2248TF Nexus 5596P/8xN2248TP/64xFET/Expansion Module
N5596UP-6N2248TP Nexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP
N5596UP-6N2248TF Nexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP/48xFET
N5548UPM-4N2232PF Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5596UP-4N2232PF Nexus 5596UP/4xN2232PP/64xFET
N5548UP-4N2248TR Nexus 5548UP/4xN2248TP/20xSFP-10G-SR
N5548UPM-6N2248TR Nexus 5548UP/Expansion Module/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR
N5596UP-6N2248TR Nexus 5596UP/6xN2248TP/30xSFP-10G-SR

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