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Cisco NAC Appliance

Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) solutions allow you to authenticate wired, wireless, and VPN users and devices to the network; evaluate and remediate a device for policy compliance before permitting access to the network; differentiate access based on roles; and audit and report on who is on the network.

Used Switches

Product ID Description
NAC3315-100-K9 NAC Appliance 3315 Server -max 100 users
NAC3315-100FB-K9 NAC Appliance 3315 Server Failover Bundle -max 100 users
NAC3315-250-K9 NAC Appliance 3315 Server -max 250 users
NAC3315-250FB-K9 NAC Appliance 3315 Server Failover Bundle -max 250 users
NAC3315-500-K9 NAC Appliance 3315 Server -max 500 users
NAC3315-500FB-K9 NAC Appliance 3315 Server Failover Bundle -max 500 users
NAC3355-1500-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server -max 1500 users
NAC3355-1500FB-K9 C Appliance 3355 Server Failover Bundle -max 1500 users
NAC3355-2500-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server -max 2500 users
NAC3355-2500FB-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server Failover Bundle -max 2500 users
NAC3355-3500-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server -max 3500 users
NAC3355-3500FB-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server Failover Bundle -max 3500 users
NAC3355-5000-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server -max 5000 users
NAC3355-5000FB-K9 NAC Appliance 3355 Server Failover Bundle -max 5000 users
NAC3355-95-CAVACFB NAC Appliance 3355-95 Cavium Accelerator Failover Pair

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