Sell Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Dell Network Hardware, and Servers.

Network Hardware Leasing Options

Knowledge Computers is the premier reseller of refurbished networking equipment in Canada. Our corporate headquarters is located within the beautiful western Canadian province of British Columbia. We have satellite offices and well stocked warehouses in Singapore and in the United States.

Knowledge Computers has flexible leasing options for your requirements. We work for you on finding the best lease solutions, lowest payments, most aggressive rates, lowest equipment buy-outs, and best warranty options to cover your complete lease term.
Benefits of Network Leasing:
  • 100% tax deductible
  • No Capital expense
  • Avoid Obsolete gear - Continued Upgrading
  • Flexible Payment Structure
Benefits of leasing with Knowledge Computers:
Knowledge Computers can design the best solution for you in regards to your lease, whether it be lower payments, longer term, lowest buy-out or annual upgrade options to current technologies. We can custom design a lease for your needs. Leasing gives you all the benefits of having the equipment needed to grow your business, but without the upfront capital expense required for outright purchase.
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