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Cisco Modules HWIC

We carries the full range of used Cisco Modules such as Cisco WIC and Cisco HWIC, providing the highest levels of speed and availability.

Product IDDescription
Cisco HWIC-AP-G-ACisco HWIC AP Module w 2.4 Ghz Radio for 802.11 b/g Americas
Cisco HWIC-AP-AG-ACisco HWIC AP Module, 2 radios( 2.4/5Ghz Radios 802.11 a/b/g) Americas
Cisco HWIC-8ACisco HWIC 8-Port Async Module
Cisco HWIC-8A/S-232Cisco HWIC 8-Port Async/Sync Serial Module, EIA-232
Cisco HWIC-4A/SCisco HWIC 4-Port Async/Sync Serial Module
Cisco HWIC-D-9ESWCisco HWIC Nine port 10/100 Ethernet switch Module
Cisco HWIC-D-9ESW-POECisco HWIC 9-Port Ethernet Switch Module with Power Over Ethernet
Cisco HWIC-1GE-SFPCisco HWIC GigE high speed with one SFP slot Module
Cisco HWIC-4ESWCisco HWIC Four port 10/100 Ethernet switch Module
Cisco HWIC-4ESW-POECisco HWIC 4-Port Ethernet Switch Module with Power Over Ethernet
Cisco HWIC-16ACisco HWIC 16-Port Async Module
Cisco HWIC-4TCisco HWIC 4-Port Serial Module
Cisco HWIC-1ADSLCisco HWIC 1 Port ADSL Module

Cisco firewall helps protect your business from unauthorized access, while permitting legitimate traffic – and is therefore, an essential component of any size network. Cisco embeds network firewall security throughout the network and integrates security services in all its products. As a result, Network firewall security becomes a transparent, scalable, and manageable aspect of the business infrastructure.