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Cisco 12410 Series of Gigabit Switch Routers (GSR)

We carry a full range of used Cisco 12410 Series Power Supply Options such as Cisco CAB-GSR16-AU, CAB-GSR16-UK and 12000/16-DC-UP=, providing the highest levels of speed and availability.

Product IDDescription
12000/10-AC-UP=Enhanced AC Power Supply Upgrade for Cisco 12000 10-slot
12000/10-DC-PDU=Cisco 12000 10-Slot Enhanced DC PDU
12000/10-DC-PEM=Cisco 12000 10-Port Enhanced DC PEM
12000/10-DC-TRUGH=Cisco 12000 10-slot Enhanced DC Trough
12000/10-LUGCVR=Cisco 12000 10-Slot Enhanced DC Lug Safety Cover
12000/10-DC-UP=Enhanced DC Power Supply Upgrade for Cisco 12000 10-slot
12000/10-AC-PDU=Cisco 12000 10-port Enhanced AC PDU
12000/10-AC-PEM=Cisco 12000 10-slot Enhanced AC PEM
12000/10-AC-TRUGH=Cisco 12000 10-slot Enhanced AC Trough

Cisco 12410 Spares and Accessories

Product IDDescription
ACS-GSR16-FLTR=Cisco 12016 GSR Air Filter Kit
ACS-GSR16-RMK=GSR16 Center Mount Bracket
ACS-GSR16-LCFILL=Line Card Filler Spare
12000/10/16-BLWER=Enhanced 1xBlower for Cisco 12000 10-slot or 16-slot Chassis
12000/10-CHASSIS=12000 10-slot Enhanced Mechanical Chassis, B/P, Rear Cover
12000/10-BEZEL=Cisco 12000 10-slot Enhanced Bezel
12000/10-FILTER=Cisco 12000 10-slot Enhanced Air Filter
12000/10-FLTRASY=Cisco 12000 10-slot Chassis Enhanced Filter Assembly
GSR10-ALRM-DISP=Alarm Display Assembly
GSR10-ALRM-CBL=Alarm Cable Front
GSR10-ALRM=Alarm Card Assembly
GSR10-DISP-RECBL=Alarm Display Cable, Rear
ACS-GSR10-FLTR=Air Filter
ACS-GSR10-CCBLM=Horizontal Cable Management Tray
ACS-GSR10-RMK=Center Mount Bracket

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